• The 9th Japan Coffee Festival 2018 in Umi Town

    Town Enforcement Centennial Countdown Event 2020

    The 9th bulletin of 'Japan Coffee Festival' was held at Umi Hachimangu Shrine in Fukuoka Prefecture! It will be held for the first time in Kyushu, China, Shikoku district!

    It will be held over two days from May 4 to May 5, 2018. Coffee Shops from around the country will congregate and share coffee together!

    We will offer you coffee from every store, made in front of you. I'd love to compare and coffee various coffees, and I would like to experiance the new coffee world. It is an event that you can enjoy coffee while feeling the charm of Umi town which will celebrate the 100th anniversary of town regulation in 2020.

    I want to reconsider communication and culture with the people that a cup of coffee would bring. Each coffee shop with its own philosophy and style will gather in Umi Hachimangu Shrine to make a cup of Great tasting Coffee, Aiding the spread of delicious coffee and the healthy development of Japanese coffee culture. A space where coffee serves as a lubricant and communication is born naturally. I will talk with the coffee shop owner and coffee shop, and also the new relationships between the guests who will be there will surely be born.

    Besides, there are sales of coffee goods and performances.

    We recommend you bring your own cup and help us to look after the environment!. (we also sell original cups at the venue on the day)

    The venue changes every time the event is held, and the contents are also evolving after every event. Please come and visit Umi town by looking forward to this coffee festival for the first time.

    We are also looking for supporters who can help you manage shops, and performers. (Until April 1)

    Please do not hesitate to contact us.


    Date and time of opening:

    Friday, May 4th, 10:00-20:00

    Saturday, May 5th, 13:00-18:00

    (rainy and rainy on both days)



    Umi Hachimangu Shrine

    1-1-1 Umi-machi, Kasuya-gun, Fukuoka prefecture

    About 5 minutes on foot from JR Umi station

    Immediately after getting off Nishitetsu bus Umi Hachimanmae

    ※ Please use public Transport.


    Advance fee:

    Advance coffee ticket 5 tickets: 1,800 yen

    Advance sale coffee tickets 11 tickets: 3,000 yen

    Advance sale coffee ticket 5 tickets + special mug cup: 2,500 yen


    on-the-day fee: 3 tickets for the day coffee ticket: 1,200 yen

    on-the-day coffee ticket 7 tickets: 2,600 yen


    Additional coffee tickets:

    3 coffee tickets: 1,000 yen

    3 coffee tickets + special mugs with cup: 2,500 yen

    ※ 1 ticket for 1 coffee exchange

    (The number of necessary sheets depends on arbitrary setting of store opening)


    On the day, we also sell original mugs in limited quantity.


    "The Japan Coffee Festival recommends bringing your own Cup to protect the environment and keep coffee delicious" Japan Coffee Festival "


    Tickets: Sold at ticket pia nationwide or at each store opening store


    About the brochure:

    For those who purchased tickets for advance tickets and the same day tickets, we will attach a special brochure with details of the store opening store (one book per person).

    Sellers / Performers wanted!

    Shops from the event (coffee, food, merchandising, PR booth) and we are looking for performers. (Until April 1)

    For more information, feel free to contact us at the contact window.



    Organized by: Japan Coffee Festival Executive Committee

    Sponsorship: Umi Town


    5-3-5 Tenjinbashi Kita-ku Osaka city, 530-0041

    Opening hours: 12:00-20:00

    Phone: 06-6809-1089

    Mail: japancoffeefestival.umi@gmail.com

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